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9th August 2016 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

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India GK Question Paper 133

India GK Question Sample Paper 133: India General Knowledge (GK) Sample Question Paper No. 133 with Collection of 15 Question of India GK Questions under GK Quiz in PDF @  India GK Sample Papers. India General Knowledge (GK) and General Science (GS) Questions for UPSC, State PSC, SSC, Police exam, Railway exam, SBI, Bank PO, Bank Clerk, entrance examination with current affairs quiz are also available with Quiz on daily basis.
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India GK Question Paper NO. 133:
Q.2201. In fourth Anglo Mysore war (1799), Tipu was defeated and killed, who of the following did not get share in tipu’s territories?
A. The English
B. The Marathas
C. The Nizam
D. None of the above
Answer: B

Q.2202. The concept of lok Adalat is mainly to expedite cases relating to:
1. Matrimonial dispute
2. murder
3. motor vehicle accidents
4. suits relating to banks
Which one of these statements are correct ?
A. 1,3 and 4
B. 3,4 and 5
C. 1,2 and 4
D. 1,3
Answer: A

Q.2203. The ryotwari settlement was primarily introduced by British Government in ?
A. Bengal & Bihar
B. United Provinces
C. Madras & Bombay
D. None of the above
Answer: B
Q.2204 What is new rate of Service tax in General Budget 2015-16 ?
A. 2%
B. 14%
C. 12.5%
D. 12%
Answer: D

Q.2205. Who among the following did not serve as the Vice president before becoming president
of India ?
A. Dr. S Radhakrishnan
B. Dr. Zakir Hussain
C. Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy
D. R. Venkataraman
Answer: C

Q.2206 The guerilla warfare was pioneered by ?
A. Aurangzeb
B. Akbar
C. Shivaji
D. Balaji Rao

Q.2207. Panini was a famous scholar of ?
A. Language and grammar
B. Ayurveda
C. Astronomy
D. Biology
Answer: A

Q.2208 Who constructed the Sanchi stupa ?
A. Chandragupta
B. Gautam Budha
C. Mahavira
D. Ashoka
Answer: D

Q.2209 Which of the following protocol may be used for accessing world wide web ?
D. None of above
Answer: A

Q.2210 What target is set Farmers credit to bank in General Budget 2015-16 ?
A. 1 Lakh Crore
B. 25000 Crore
C. 8.5 lakh crore
D. 5 Lakh Crore
Answer: C

Q.2211. Who among the following were official Congress negotiators with Cripps Mission?
A. Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel
B. Acharya J. B. Kripalani and C. Rajagopalachari
C. Pandit Nehru and Maulana Azad
D. Dr. Rajendra Prasad and Rafi Ahmed Kidwai
Answer: C

Q.2212. In the 'individual Satyagraha', Vinoba Bhave was chosen as the first Satyagrahi. Who was the second?
A. Dr. Rajendra Pradesh
B. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
C. C. Rajagopalachari
D. Sardar Vallabhabhai Patel
Answer: B

Q.2213. The prime advocates of widow remarriage in modern India was
A. Vinoba Bhave
B. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
C. Raja Rammohun Roy
D. Rabindranath Tagore
Answer: B

Q.2214 Govt. proposes to set up 5 ultra mega power projects in General Budget 2015-16 with what capacity ?
A. 1000 MW
B. 5000 MW
C. 3000 MW
D. 4000 MW
Answer: D

Q.2215 Which state did not get AIIMS in General Budget 2015-16?
A. Jammu and Kashmir
B. Punjab
C. Himachal Pradesh
D. Uttrakhand
Answer: D


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