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Budget 2017-18 Quiz, MCQs

Union Budget 2017-18 Quiz, Budget based Questions, MCQs
Government plan to eliminate Kala-Azar and Filariasis by which year?
A. 2017
B. 2020
C. 2025
D. 2019
Answer: A

What is the tax slab for zero tax rate?
A. Upto INR 3 lakhs 
B. Between INR 5 and 10 lakhs 
C. Between INR 3 and 5 lakhs
D. None of the above
Answer: A

Budget 2017 has proposed ---- as the front office for issuing passports in far flung areas. 
B. Airport
C. Post office 
D. Railway Station
Answer: C

Fiscal deficit for 2017-18 pegged at ----- of GDP as per Union Budget 2017-18?
A. 4.6% 
B. 4.2%
C. 3.2%
D. 3.8%
Answer: C

Which is the fourth budget of Modi Government and the 87th budget?
A. Budget 2015-16
B. Budget 2016-17
C. Budget 2017-18
D. Budget 2018-19
Answer: C

How much has been allocated for the infrastructure sector for 2017-2018?
a. INR 2,96,144
b. INR 1,96,134
c. INR 5,96,124
d. INR 3,96,134
Answer: D

Union Budget 2017-18 has introduced SANKALP which stands for?
A. Skill Acquisition and Knowledge Awareness for Livelihood Promotion Programme
B. SmartCity Land Acquisition Awareness Programme
C. Skill Acquisition and Knowledge Awareness for Life Programme
D. Small Scale Knowledge Promotions
Answer: A

According to the Union Budget, transaction above how much will not be permitted in cash?
A. Rs. 10 lakhs 
B. Rs. 4 lakhs 
C. Rs. 5 lakhs
D. Rs. 3 lakhs
Answer: D

In order to limit lack of transaparency in electoral funding, one person will now be allowed to donate more than how much?
A. Rs. 5000
B. Rs. 15000
C. Rs. 2000
D. Rs. 8000
Answer: C

In Budget 2017-18 how much provision has been made for transportation sector?
A. Rs. 41,387 Crores
A. Rs. 2,41,387 Crores
A. Rs. 1,41,387 Crores
A. Rs. 3,41,387 Crores
Answer: B

100% Village electrification is being targeted by the Budget by?
A. May 1, 2018
B. May 1, 2019
C. June 1, 2018
D. July 1, 2018
Answer: B

Which is true about the BHIM App?
A. Cashback scheme has been announced for individuals
B. Referral bonus schemes have been announced for individuals 
C. Cashback scheme has been announced for merchants
D. Only b and c
Answer: D

As per the budget, a dedicated micro-irrigation fund for More Crop Per Drop will have an allocation of?
A. Rs. 5000 Crore
B. Rs. 20000 Crore
C. Rs. 30000 Crore
D. Rs. 12000 Crore
Answer: A


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