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PSLV-C29 launched successfully with 6 Singapore satellites

Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO)'s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle or PSLV, successfully placed six satellites from Singapore in orbit after launching from Indian Space Research Organisation's space port in Sriharikota this evening. The 59-hour-countdown for the of PSLV Mission began at 7:00 am on Monday. The successful launch of the six satellites will take ISRO's total flights of foreign satellites to 57. The 44 metre tall rocket which weighs 226 tonnes lifted off at 6 pm and 22 minutes later, when the rocket was 550 km from Earth's surface, placed the satellites in orbit. The first to be separated from the rocket was a remote sensing satellite called TeLEOS-1; five smaller satellites were launched after that. The satellites were launched one after another, less than a minute apart, to avoid collision and set a distance of about 20 kilometres between them. The 59-hour-countdown for the PSLV-C29/TeLEOS-1 Mission began at 7.00 am on Monday and had progressed normally.


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