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9th August 2016 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

9th August 2016 Current Affairs MCQs, Quiz, Questions : Current Affairs for August 2016 ,  Daily Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for In...

India GK Question Paper 105

India GK Question Sample Paper 105: India General Knowledge (GK) Sample Question Paper No. 105 with Collection of 20  Question of India GK Questions under GK Quiz in PDF @  India GK Sample Papers. India General Knowledge (GK) and General Science (GS) Questions are also available with Quiz on daily basis.

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Q.1721 In northern hemisphere, the wind blowing from the Horse latitude to the Doldrums is called?
A. Westerly wind
B. Trade wind
C. Polar Easterly wind
D. jet stream
Ans: B

Q.1722 The Lingaraja Temple built during the medieval period is at
A. Bhubaneswar
B. Khajuraho
C. Madurai
D. Mount Abu
Ans: A

Q.1723 Where did Buddha die?
A. Lumbini
B. Kusinagara
C. Pavapuri
D. Magadha
Ans : B.

Q.1724. The father of modern biology is ?
A. Aristotle
B. Darwin
C. Mendel
D. Vesalius
Ans : A.

Q.1725 What Fraction of Rajasthan’s land area is desert
A. 1/4
B. 1/3
C. 1/2
D. 2/3

Q.1726 The International Date Line is located in the
A. Pacific Ocean
B. Atlantic ocean
C. United Kingdom
D. Arctic ocean
Ans: A

Q.1727 According to the saka year, the period between 22 June and 23 July is the month of:
A. Ashadha
B. Bhadra
C. Chaitra
D. Pausha
Ans: Ashadha

Q.1728 Percentage of hindi speaking Indians is about:
A. 50
B. 47
C. 42
D. 35
Ans: C

Q.1729 The largest producer of food grains in country is:
a. Punjab
b. UP
c. Bihar
d. MP
Ans: B

Q.1730 The sufi saint khwaja moinuddin chisti cam to rajasthan during the reeigen of:
A. Maharana pratap
B. Rana sanga
C. Rana kumbha
D. Prithviraj chauhan
Ans: D

Q.1731 Which one of the following is not a form of precipitation?
A. hail
B. snowfall
C. rainfall
D. fog
Ans: D

Q.1732  Which among the following substances is used as a lubricant?
A. Quartz
B. Silica
C. Graphite
D. Nickel
Ans : C.

Q.1733 Who was the first navigator who had sailed around the earth and proved that the shape of earth is round?
A. James Cook
B. Ferdinand Magellan
C. Ptolemy
D. Vasco da Gama
Ans: B

Q.1734  The famous Sphinx is located at-
A. Saudi Arabia
B. Egypt
C. Italy
D. Thailand
Ans: B.  

Q.1735 Padma Shri 'Uppalapu Srinivas' passes away recently was associated with ?
A. Sarangi
B. Tabla
C. Mandolin
D. Violin
Ans: C

Q.1736 First Olympic games were held in-
A. 776 B. C.
B. 798 B. C.
C. 876 B. C.
D. 898 B. C.
Ans: A.

Q.1737 First medal for India in 17th Asian Games was won by ?
A. Shweta Chaudhry
B. Sushil Kumar
C. Deepika Kumari
D. Vinesh Phogat
Ans: A

Q.1738 Which of the following countries is the largest producer of coal ?
A. Russia
B. China
C. S. Africa
D. India
Ans: A.

Q.1739 Nalanda University, formally inaugurated in its modern 'avatar' recently by ?
A. Narendra Modi
B. Manmohan Singh
C. Sushma Swaraj
D. Nitish Kumar.
Ans: C

Q.1740 The Results of Scotland Referendum was ?
A. England & Scotland will stay together
B. England & Scotland will separated
C. Referendum result not declared
D. England & Scotland will stay together for 5 years only.
Ans: A


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