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Air India One

What is Air India One: Air India One OR AIC001 is the call sign of any Air India aircraft carrying the Prime Minister of India, President of India or the Vice President of India. Air India One is official aircraft of India inline with Air Force One, the Official aircraft of the President of the United States of America (USA). Air India is the national airline of India. The aircraft are operated as VIP flights by the Indian Air Force (IAF).  It's a Boeing 747-400 aircraft, the largest production jet before the Airbus 380 began service. Air India has five of these. The aircraft have the capability to shoot chaff and flares to deviate radar-guided and heat-seeking missiles off their track along with other security tools.The other security instruments are undisclosed by the Indian Air Force as per Wikipedia.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Boeing 747-400 aircraft flew over Ukraine just minutes before Malaysian Airlines' MH17 was shot down over the northern rebel-held part of the country, killing 298 people on board in July 2014. After this incidents Defense analysts demands India needs to acquire four-engined aircraft such as the Boeing 747-800 retrofitted with self-protection suites. Air Force One, a converted Boeing VC-25A used by US President Barack Obama, and Ilyushin IL-96 four-engined jet, used by Russian President Vladimir Putin, feature missile protection systems and special escape capsules.

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