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India GK Question Paper 33

India GK Question Sample Paper 33: India General Knowledge (GK) Sample Question Paper No. 33 with Collection of India GK Questions under GK Quiz in PDF @  India GK Sample Papers.

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India GK Question Sample Paper 33:
Q436. 'Hori', a poor farmer, is the main character of which famous Hindi novel by Munshi Premchand ?
A. Gaban
B. Vardaan
C. Godaan
D. Sevasadan
Answer : C

Q.437 Which among the following instrument is used for measuring wind speed ?
A. Anemometer
B. Hygrometer
C. Galvanometer
D. Spectrometer
Answer : A

Q438. Which strait connects the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean ?
A. Strait of Malacca
B. Strait of Magellan
C. Strait of Gibraltar
D. Strait of Hormuz
Answer :B

Q439. Which national film award is given to the 'Best Feature Film on National Integration' ?
A. Indira Gandhi Award
B. Nargis Dutt Award
C. Swarna Kamal (Golden Lotus)
D. Rajat Kamal (Silver Lotus)
Answer :B

Q.440  Every year on Kartik Purnima, which town hosts India's biggest camel fair ?
A. Sonepur (Bihar)
B. Pushkar (Rajasthan)
C. Surajkund (Haryana)
D. Madhavpur (Gujarat)
Answer :B

Q441. Which city hosted the first Asian Games in 1951 ?
A. Tokyo (Japan)
B. Jakarta (Indonesia)
C. New Delhi (India)
D. Manila (Philippines)
Answer :C

Q442. At which session was the Indian National Congress (INC) divided into two groups - 'Naram Dal' (the moderates) and 'Garam Dal' (the extremists) ?
A. Surat (1907)
B. Gaya (1922)
C. Lahore (1929)
D. Tripuri (1939)
Answer :A

Q443. Kaziranga National Park, famous for hosting two-thirds of world's Indian Rhinoceroses (Great One-horned Rhinoceroses), is located in which Indian state ?
A. Assam
B. Meghalaya
C. Manipur
D. West Bengal
Answer :A

Q444. 'Playground of Europe' is the nickname of which European country ?
A. Greece
B. Monaco
C. Germany
D. Switzerland
Answer :D

Q.445 Microsoft in the month of January 2013 announced plans to shut down which service?
A. MS Office 2007
B. Skype
C. Windows Live Messenger
D. Bing
Answer: C. Windows Live Messenger

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