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India GK Question Paper 162

India General Knowledge Question Paper Number 162 Solved: India General Knowledge (GK) Sample Question Paper with Collection of 15 Question of India GK Questions under GK Quiz in PDF @  India GK Sample Papers. India General Knowledge (GK) and General Science (GS) Questions for UPSC, State PSC, SSC, Police exam, Railway exam, SBI, Bank PO, IBPC, SSC, LDC, UDC, Army, Airforce, Navy, Coast Guard, Bank Clerk, TET and all entrance examination with current affairs News, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) available on Website www.IndiaGK.com and Android Apps with daily updates:.
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India GK Question Paper NO. 162:
Q.2591. Sweat Glands occure in greatest niumber in the skin of :
A. Forehead
B. Armpits
C. Back
D. Plam of hand
Answer:  B

Q.2592 Which of the following is a flightless bird ?
A. Emu
B. Hen
C. Swan
D. None of these
Answer:  A

Q.2593 The bats are able to fly in dark since their wings produce :
A. Sound waves
B. Ultrasonic Waves
C. Infra red rays
D. Ultraviolet rays
Answer:  B

Q.2594 Which of the following diseases is inheritable ?
A. Leukemia
B. Colour Blindness
C. Maligency
D. Hepatites
Answer:  B

Q.2595 Honey has the largest percentage of :
A. Water
B. Starch
C. Glucose
D. Sucrose
Answer:  D

Q.2596 Which of the following is a mixed fertilizer ?
A. Urea
B. Ammonium
Answer:  D

Q.2597 Which of the following is an exception to cell theory ?
A. Bacteria
B. Fungi
C. Virus
D. Lichens
Answer:  C

Q.2598. Which of the following fuels causes minimum environmental pollution ?
A. Diesel
B. Kerosene
C. Hydrogen
D. Coal
Answer:  C

Q.2599 Blood grouping was discovered by :
A. William Harvey
B. Landsteinar
C. Robert Coach
D. Luis Pasteur
Answer:  B

Q.2600 The extreme form of Ahinsa or non-violence is practiced is :
A. Buddhism
B. Hinduism
C. Jainism
D. None of these
Answer:  C


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