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Nutrition Programme for Adolescent Girls (NPAG)

Nutrition Programme for Adolescent Girls (NPAG)
Scheme Type
: Centrally sponsored scheme
Description: The programme aims to improve nutritional status, to create gender awareness and to provide supportive environment of self – development of adolescent girls.
- Adolescent girls (11-15 years) with body weight less than  30 kg
- Adolescent girls (15-19 years) with body weight less than 35 kg
-  Improvement of nutritional and health status of girls.
- Training and equipment of adolescent girls to upgrade home based vocational skills.
- 6 kg of free food grain (rice) per month per beneficiary.
- Promotion of health, hygiene, nutrition, family welfare, home management and childcare.
- Better understanding of their environment related social issues and its impact on their lives.
- Improvement of knowledge for decisions – making capabilities.
Eligibility criteria:
Adolescent girls (11-19) who are registered their names in an Anganwadi Centres irrespective of financial status of the family to which they belong.
How to Avail: Through Anganwadi Centres

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