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9th August 2016 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

9th August 2016 Current Affairs MCQs, Quiz, Questions : Current Affairs for August 2016 ,  Daily Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for In...

India GK Question Paper 128

India GK Question Sample Paper 128: India General Knowledge (GK) Sample Question Paper No. 128 with Collection of 20 Question of India GK Questions under GK Quiz in PDF @  India GK Sample Papers. India General Knowledge (GK) and General Science (GS) Questions are also available with Quiz on daily basis.
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India GK Question Paper NO. 128:
Q.2126 Which former DRDO chief on 30 January 2015 assumed charge as a full-time member of the NITI Aayog?
A. V K Saraswat
B. Avinash Chander
C. Bibek Debroy
D. Krishna Kumar
Answer: A. V K Saraswat

Q.2127. Indian flag is designed by ?
A. Indulal yagnik
B. Madam cama
C. Aurobindo Ghosh
D. BG Tilak
Ans: B
Q.2128. Who formed the Home rule league ?
A. BG Tilak
B. GR Gokhale
C. MG Ranade
D. MK Gandhi
Ans: A

Q.2129 Sergio Mattarella was recently elected as the new President of?
A. Greece
B. Italy
C. France
D. Canada
Answer: B. Italy

Q.2130 35th National Games 2015 which started on 31 January 2015 is hosted by which state?
A. Goa
B. Jharkhand
C. Kerala
D. Haryana
Answer: C. Kerala

Q.2131 Who among the following on 31 January 2015 took charge as chairman of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL)?
A. R K Tyagi
B. Jiji Thomson
C. T Suvarna Raju
D. None of these
Answer: C. T Suvarna Raju

Q.2132 Who among the following rulers was first to embrace Buddhism ?
A. Ashoka
B. Ajatsatru
C. Bindusara
D. Bimbisara
Ans: B

Q.2133. Humayun restored the Indian Kingdom with the help of the rular of ?
A. Arabia
B. Kabul
C. Persia
D. Turkey
Ans: C

Q.2134 Who among the following was the goodwill ambassador for the 35th National Games 2015?
A. Milkha Singh
B. P T Usha
C. Amitabh Bachchan
D. Sachin Tendulkar
Answer: D. Sachin Tendulkar

Q.2135 India on 31 January 2015 successfully carried out the maiden canister-based trial of its most potent missile Agni-V from?
A. Wheeler Island, Odisha
B. Sreeharikota, Andhra Pradesh
C. Tanjavur, Tamil Nadu
D. Thumba, Kerala
Answer: A. Wheeler Island, Odisha

Q.2136 60th Filmfare Awards ceremony was held on January 31, 2015, at the Yash Raj Studios in Mumbai. Which was adjudged the Best Film?
B. Queen
C. Haider
D. Two States
Answer: B. Queen

Q.2137 Carl Djerassi, 91, the chemist widely considered the father of the ______, died on 31 January 2015?
A. Anti-Biotics
B. Birth control pill
C. Band Aid
D. Injection Needle
Answer: B. Birth control pill

Q.2138 The people of Harappa and Mohanjodaro culture belongs to the ?
A.New stone age
B. Copper age
C. Iron age
D. Chalcolithic Age
Ans: D

Q.2139. Which one of the following weapons was not known to the People of Indus Valley Civilization ?
A. Daggers
B. Swords
C. Bows and arrows
D. Spears
Ans: B

Q.2140 The founder of Boy Scouts and Girl Guides movement was ?
A. Charles Andrews
B. Robert Montgomery
C. Richard Temple
D. Baden Powell
Ans: D

Q.2141 Which country on 1 February 2015 appointed Justice K Sripavan, an ethnic-Tamil, its new Chief Justice?
A. Singapore
B. Sri Lanka
C. Indonesia
D. Bangladesh
Answer: B. Sri Lanka

Q.2142 Which private airlines co-owner Kal Airways recently decided to sell and transfer their entire holding of 58.46 per cent in the airline to co-founder Ajay Singh?
A. Indigo
B. Vistara
C. Deccan Charters
D. SpiceJet
Answer: D. SpiceJet

Q.2143 Australia recently won the cricket tri-series title involving England and India. Who was named Man of the Series?
A. Ian Bell
B. Steve Smith
C. Mitchell Starc
D. Glen Maxwell
Answer: C. Mitchell Starc

Q.2144. For the leadership in which one of the following movements was Vallabhbhai Patel bestowed the Title "SARDAR" ?
A. Bardoli satyagraha
B. Champaran Satyagraha
C. Khilafat Movement
D. Quit India Movement
Ans: A

Q.2145. Who was leader of a society popularly known as RED SHIRTS ?
A. Maulana Abul kalam azad
B. Khan abdul ghaffar khan
C. Muzaffar ahmed
D. Mohd. ali jinnah
Ans: B

Q.2146. Who was president of Indian National Congress at the time of partition of India ?
A. Jawahlal nehru
B. Vallabhbhai patel
C. Maulana abul kalam azad
D. Acharya JB Kriplani
Ans: D

Q.2147 PETA -an international animal rights and conservation group -and the Bannerghatta Biological Park in which state, have joined hands to create India's first `fenced' elephant sanctuary in a forested space?
A. Karnataka
B. Kerala
C. Assam
D. Madhya Pradesh
Answer: A. Karnataka

Q.2148 17th edition of Bharat Rang Mahotsav known as Asia’s biggest theatre festival was recently began at?
A. Kochi
B. Pune
C. Gandhinagar
D. New Delhi
Answer: D. New Delhi

Q.2149 The immediate cause of the swadeshi Movement was ?
A. Rise in prices of essential commodities
B. Partition of Bengal
C. Rising unemployement
D. Discontent of the peasants
Ans: B

Q.2150. Which indian freedom fighter coined the slogan Jain Hind ?
A. JL Nehru
B. BG Tilak
C. Sardar patel
D. SC Bose
Ans: D


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