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Halwa Ceremony

Halwa Ceremony: The ‘Halwa Ceremony’ mark the commencement of printing process of budget documents for Union Budget. To maintain the secrecy of the budget preparation process, there is a “lock-in” of the officials involved in making the budget. The printing of Budget documents starts roughly a week ahead of presenting in the Parliament with a customary 'Halwa ceremony' in which halwa (a sweet dish) is prepared in large quantity and served to officers and support staff involved. They remain isolated and stay in the North Block office until the Budget is presented. Halwa is served by the Finance Minister also. This ceremony is performed as a part of the Indian tradition of having something sweet before starting an important work. Budget Press in North Block houses all these officials in the period leading up to the presentation of Union Budget in Parliament by the Finance Minister. These officers will gain touch with their near and dear ones only after the Union Budget is presented in Parliament.


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