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India GK Question Paper 113

India GK Question Sample Paper 113: India General Knowledge (GK) Sample Question Paper No. 113 with Collection of 20  Question of India GK Questions under GK Quiz in PDF @  India GK Sample Papers. India General Knowledge (GK) and General Science (GS) Questions are also available with Quiz on daily basis.

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India GK Question Paper NO. 113:
Q.1896 The software company I-flex Solutions (Now Oracle Financial Services) was originally a division of which company?
A. Citicorp
B. Google
Ans : A.(i-Flex  (Now Oracle Financial Services  Software Limited was started in 1990 by CITIBANK as CitiCorp Oversea Software Ltd.. Later it becomes I-Flex which was later acquired by Oracle and renamed as Oracle Financial Services  Software Limited in 2006) .

Q.1897 Which political party emerge as largest party in Haryana Assembly Election 2014 ?
A. Congress
Ans: D

Q.1898  The video games X box is a product of—
A. Sega
B. Sony
C. Intel
D. Microsoft
Ans : D.
Q.1899 Total Number of Member states in European Union (EU) are ?
A. 18
B. 28
C. 24
D. 21
Ans : B  ( European Union (EU) comprises 28 member states, which are party to the founding treaties of the union and thereby subject to the privileges and obligations of membership. The Name of 28 countries are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark,Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary,  Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia,  Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom)

Q.1900 Which political party emerge as largest party in Haryana Assembly Election 2014 ?
A. Shiv Sena
C. Congress
Ans: B

Q.1901 The natural vegitation of Savanna consists of-
A. tall grass
B. serub jungle
C. short grass
D. trees
Answer: A.

Q.1902 The Life Insurance Corporation (LIC. was set up in
A. 1956
B. 1947
C. 1949
D. 1935
Ans: A

Q.1903 The strait which separates Africa from Europe is-
A. Hook strait
B. Strait of Gibraltar
C. Palk strait
D. Bering strait
Answer: B.

Q.1904  Which of the following steel plants was set up in collaboration with the former Soviet Union?
A. Durgapur
B. Bokaro
C. Salem
D. Bhadrawati
Ans: B

Q.1905 Shekel is the currency of-
A. Brunei
B. Israel
C. Jordan
D. Myanmar
Answer: B.

Q.1906 Before we attained independence, crude oil was produced in just one of the Indian states. Name the state?
A. Maharashtra
B. Assam
C. Gujarat
D. Bihar
Ans: B

Q.1907 Which of the following radiations has shortest wavelength?
A. Radio waves
B. ultraviolet rays
C. Infrared rays
D. Micro waves
Ans: B

Q.1908 Largest lake in Africa is-
A. Lake Victoria
B. Lake Malawi
C. Lake Tanganyika
D. Lake Chad
Answer: A.

Q.1909 Ice bags float in water because density of ice is?
A. Greater than the density of water
B. Less than the density of water
C. Equal the density of water
D. None of these
Ans: B

Q.1910 Which country 'Golan Heights' belongs to ?
A. China
B. Israel
C. Syria
D. Iraq
Answer: C.


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