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Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative

Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative (SSI) aims at providing practical options to the farmers in improving the productivity of land, water and labour, all at the same time.  SSI is also expected to reduce the overall pressure on water resources and contribute to recovery of ecosystems. Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative is an innovative method of sugarcane production using less seeds, less water and optimum utilization of fertilizers and land to achieve more yields.
The major principles that govern SSI
  • Raising nursery in portrays using single budded chips
  • Transplanting young seedlings (25-35 days old)
  • Maintaining wider spacing (5x2 feet) in the main field
  • Providing sufficient moisture through efficient water management technologies viz.,drip fertigation (sub or sub surface)Encouraging organic method of nutrient and plant protection measures
  • Practicing intercropping with effective utilization of land
Overall benefits
  • Improved water use efficiency
  • Optimum use of fertilizers favour balanced availability of nutrients
  • Better aeration and more penetration of sunlight favours higher sugar content
  • Reduced cost of cultivation and increased returns  through intercropping


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