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Hungary declares emergency at Serbia border

Hungary has declared a state of emergency in two southern counties as tough new laws to stop migrants entering illegally came into force. Police said they had arrested 60 people accused of trying to breach a razor-wire fence on the border with Serbia. The state of emergency gives police extra powers and would allow troop deployments if parliament approves. The EU is facing a huge influx of migrants, many fleeing conflict and poverty in countries including Syria. It was declared by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. This move could pave the way to bringing in Hungary’s military to patrol the frontier bordering Serbia to stop illegal influx. This declaration comes after more than 10,000 people claiming to be Syrian and Afghan refugees were detained by Hungarian police for illegally crossing the border from Serbia.
Refugee Crisis in Hungary:
  • Hungary’s decision will effect in closure main route of the European Union (EU) border for the illegal refugee influx chain. But it is said that after closing of main route, refugees will divert their route from other countries.
  • Being a central European nation, Hungary had emerged as epicenter of a refugee crisis which had erupted after an unprecedented number of people from North African (Libya, Eritrea, Sudan etc) and Middle Eastern (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan etc) countries started relocating to European Countries for seeking refuge and better life conditions. 
  • So far in 2015, over 200,000 refugees have reached Hungary by walking across the southern border with Serbia by crossing Turkey, Greece and Mediterranean Sea.


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