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Hamari Dharohar Scheme

Hamari Dharohar - A scheme to Preserve Rich Heritage of Minority Communities of India under the Overall Concept of Indian Culture . Hamari Dharohar”, a scheme to preserve rich heritage of minority communities under overall concept of Indian culture, of Ministry of Minority Affairs. Government of India believes in Unity in Diversity which is the basic tenet of Indian Culture. The Constitution of India grants equal rights and opportunities to all communities including minority communities of India to profess their religion and culture. Following the spirit of the Constitution, the Government of India is of firm conviction that there is a strong need to curate the rich heritage and culture of Minorities particularly miniscule minorities and supporting calligraphy and related crafts.
To curate rich heritage of minorities under overall concept of Indian Culture.
Curating iconic exhibitions.
Preservation of literature/ documents etc.
Support and promotion ofcalligraphy etc.
Research and Development.


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