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9th August 2016 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

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Kishori Sakthi Yojana (KSY)

Kishori Sakthi Yojana (KSY): The aim of the Kishori Sakthi Yojana (KSY) is creating general awareness among adolescent girls about health, nutrition, family life, personal identity and skill development. Adolescent girls are future mothers and investing in their welfare is crucial in promoting maternal and child health. Adolescent girls’ clubs have been formed in every Anganwadi in the ICDS network and an effort is made to ensure all adolescent girls become its members. These clubs meet at least once a month and have elected leaders. The KSY is a Central Government-sponsored scheme and Rs. 1.10 lakh is sanctioned for each if its projects.
Health and family life education
: Various topics related to reproductive health, personal hygiene, nutrition, and child care are dealt with each month during adolescent girls’ club meetings. Health staff, ICDS functionaries and experts in the field of nutrition handle these classes. Yoga and self-defense techniques are also taught.
Charter meetings
:  Topics like reproductive health, pregnancy, child birth, contraceptive, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and AIDs are handled by experts at these meetings held at the panchayat level once every three months.
Education module: A compact module has been prepared for the health, nutrition, life skills and family life education of adolescent girls. This is done with the help of experts in each of the fields.
Teenage clinics: A half-day clinic for adolescent girls is to be arranged at the nearest primary health centre in association with the charter meetings where the services of a female gynecologist and a counselor will be available.
Leadership training: Leadership training is being given to the presidents and secretaries of each adolescent girls’ club.
Career guidance: Studies show that very few girls from the lower socioeconomic strata pursue higher education. More often they prefer, or are made to prefer, getting married. Proper career guidance at an early stage, which makes girls more aware of their career options and choices, can help change this situation.
Providing sports kits: Adolescent girls have very few opportunities to get involved in sports activities because sports equipment in schools is usually only used by boys. Providing sports kits to adolescent girls’ clubs will not only improve the physical health of members but also cultivate a team spirit among them and improve their social skills. Each sports kit will have, for instance, a bicycle, badminton net, carom board, and the like.


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