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Uttarakhand PSC Group C (Screening) Exam 2015

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Uttarakhand PSC Group C (Screening) Exam 2015: 
District having maximum handicrafts Units in Uttarakhand is
(a) Uttarkashi
(b) Pithoragarh
(c) Almora
(d) Tehri Garhwal
Answer: C

Satopanth is a
(a) River
(b) Pass
(c) Glacier
(d) Mountain peak
Answer: C

One plant of Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Limited is located in Uttarakhand at
(a) Hardwar
(b) Roorkee
(c) Haldwani
(d) Rishikesh
Answer: D

One of the following districts ranks first in “Investment Attraction Index” :
(a) Udham Singh Nagar
(b) Hardwar
(c) Nainital
(d) Dehradun
Answer: D

Who founded the Garhwal School of Painting ?
(a) Mangat Ram
(b) Hira Lal
(c) Shyam Das
(d) Mola Ram
Answer: D

Which of the following is known as ‘Switzerland of India’ ?
(a) Dehradun
(b) Nainital
(c) Pithoragarh
(d) Kausani
Answer: D

Which of the following festival is known as Sankranti ?
(a) Bikhoti
(b) Bhitoli
(c) Harela
(d) Phuldeai
Answer: C

Chanchri is a
(a) Traditional folk dance
(b) Group song dance
(c) Group music dance
(d) Jagar dance
Answer: C

The extent of mountains in Uttarakhand follows the direction from
(a) North-west to South-east
(b) North-east to South-west
(c) North-east to South-east
(d) North-west to South-west
Answer: A

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