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Poorna Shakti Kendra (PSK) project

Poorna Shakti Kendra (PSK) project being implemented in selected districts of 12 states in a pilot mode under the Scheme National Mission for Empowerment of Women. The project entails setting up of convergence centres at the district, block and Gram Panchayat (GP) level. The convergence centres are meant to facilitate greater access for women to government schemes/programs, create awareness on gender issues and facilitate/handholding of women in need/affected by violence.
Each Kendra at Gram Panchayat level has two Mahila Gram Samanvyaks (Women Village Coordinators) who act as motivators for the women in the area and are also responsible for providing support/awareness on various issues related to empowerment of women. A monthly honorarium of Rs 4000 has been provided for each Village Coordinator at the Gram Panchayat level.


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