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Cable TV Services will be digital from 1st January 2016

The cable TV is one of the most popular medium of mass entertainment & education. The country has more than 100 million cable TV subscribers. The digitization of cable TV services is under way in a phased manner in 4 phases. The road map for digitalisation of Cable TV services is as under:

Sunset date for analog Cable TV
Phase –I
Four Metros of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai
Phase –II
Cities with a population more than one million (38 cities)
Phase –III
All Other Urban areas (Municipal Corporation/ Municipalities) except cities /towns/areas specified for corresponding Phase-I and Phase-II.
Phase –IV
Rest of India

The consumers of 4 metros & 38 cities who were covered under phase-I & II of digitalization are getting the benefits of Digital Cable TV services. As Mentioned above, the cut off date in respect of phase-III, which covers remaining urban areas, is 31st December 2015, after which no analog signal transmission or re-transmission of TV channels is permitted by the Law. The list of urban areas, covered under phase-III of digitalisation, is available on the website of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (www.mib.nic.in).


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