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Paris Attacks: At least 129 killed in multiple terrorist attacks

At least 129 killed in multiple terrorist attacks in Paris, France. President Fran├žois Hollande declared a state of emergency. Television reports said at least five assailants had been killed: three at the concert hall as the police assaulted the building, and two near the sports stadium.  The restaurant targeted on Friday, Le Carillon, is in the same general neighborhood as the Charlie Hebdo offices, as is the Bataclan, among the best-known venues in eastern Paris, near the trendy Oberkampf area known for a vibrant nightlife.
A series of coordinated terror attacks in the heart of Paris have killed more than 125 and paralysed the French capital with fear. As many as 118 people were massacred at a concert in the Bataclan theatre following a hostage situation. Another 11 were shot down at a Cambodian restaurant. The three terrorists inside detonated their suicide vests as police raided the building to rescue the remaining hostages, a police spokesman said. Four policeman were killed in the operation. Just five miles away, two suicide bombers blew themselves up outside the Stade de France sports stadium where the French football team was playing Germany. French police arrested one suspected attacker who claimed to have been recruited by ISIS alongside three other extremists, it has been reported. Five terrorists have been killed in the night of chaos in Paris.


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