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India GK Question Paper 187

India General Knowledge Question Paper No. 187 Solved: India General Knowledge (GK) Sample Question Paper with Collection of 10 Question Q.No. 2861 to Q. 2870 of India GK Questions based on Himachal Pradesh PSC Pre Exam 2012 under GK Quiz in PDF @  India GK Sample Papers. You can Download and Check Full Solved Paper on INDIA GK MOBILE App. India General Knowledge (GK) and General Science (GS) Questions for UPSC, State PSC, SSC, Police exam, Railway exam, SBI, Bank PO, IBPC, SSC, LDC, UDC, Army, Airforce, Navy, Coast Guard, Bank Clerk, TET and all entrance examination with current affairs News, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) available on Website www.IndiaGK.net and Android Apps with daily updates:.
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India GK Question Paper NO. 187: 
Q.2861. The Public Accounts Committee presents its report to?
A. The President of India
B. The Finance Minister
C. The Parliamentary Affairs Minister
D. The Parliament
Answer: D

Q.2862. Under the Constitution of India the power to issue a writ of Habeas Corpus is vested in?
A. The District Courts
B. The High Courts only
C. The Supreme Court only
D. Both the High Court and the Supreme Court
Answer: D

Q.2863. In which part of the Indian Constitution has the provision for Panchayats been made?
A. Part IX
B. Part IV
C. Part III
D. Part X
Answer: A

Q.2864. When an advance grant is made by Parliament pending the regular passage of the budget it is called?
A. Vote on Credit
B. Token grant
C. Supplementary grant
D. Vote on account
Answer: D

Q.2865. Under the Constitution of India Education as a subject of legislation in included in?
A. The Union List
B. The State List  
C. The Concurrent List
D. The Residuary Powers
Answer: C

Q.2866. Which one of the following is no longer a source of income of urban local bodies in Punjab Haryana and Himachal Pradesh?
A. House Tax
B. Toll Tax
C. Fee  
D. Octroi
Answer: D

Q.2867. The Tenth Schedule added to the Constitution of India by the 52nd Amendment relates to?
A. Anti-defection law
B. Land Reforms
C. Panchayati Raj
D. Languages
Answer: A

Q.2868. Which Indian city has the highest population according to 2011 Census?
A. Kolkata
B. New Delhi
C. Chennai
D. Mumbai
Answer: D

Q.2869. Which of the following Indian Companies has been listed at the top in Forbes-2000 list?
Answer: A

Q.2870 ‘Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan Yojana’is associated with?
A. The Development of Bihar
B. Community toilets in slum areas
C. Construction of Houses for low income groups
D. None of the above
Answer: B


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