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9th August 2016 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

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13, 14 November 2015 Current Affairs Questions

13th, 14th November 2015 Current Affairs MCQs, Quiz, Questions: Current Affairs Daily Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for India GK, World GK and current affairs with Collection of daily objective type Question by www.Indiagk.net based on General Knowledge (GK) and General Science (GS) Questions for UPSC, State PSC, SSC, Police exam, Railway exam, SBI, Bank PO, IBPC, SSC, LDC, UDC, Army, Airforce, Navy, Coast Guard, Bank Clerk, TET and all entrance examination with current affairs News, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) available on Website www.IndiaGK.net and Android Apps with daily updates:.  
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Current Affairs 1-30 November 2015 Daily Objective Questions
Current Affairs Questions on 13th, 14th November 2015:
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on visit to ............ during November 2015 ?
D. China
Answer: B

Bangladesh Government  handed which ULFA leader to India in November 2015 ?
A. Cheng Chetri
B. Arun Chetri
C. Anup Chetia
D. Wong Chetia
Answer: C

Who is appointed First DGP of Telangana on 13th November 2015 ?
A. Mahesh Joshi
B. Anurag Sharma
C. SS Jha
D. Rakesh Maria
Answer: B

Aung San Suu Kyi wins historic two-thirds majority in Myanmar. Her party Name is ............  ?
A. National Liberty Party
B. National Liberty for Democracy
C. National League for Democracy
D. New Myanmar Party

Who is elected as Vice-Chairman of the Bank of International Settlement (BIS) in 10 November 2015 from India ?
A. Raghuram Rajan
B. Rajat Sharma
C. Anundhati Bhattacharya
D. Rahul Jain
Answer: A

Bank of International Settlement (BIS) is headquartered in which city ?
A. London
B. Greece
C. New York
D. Basel
Answer: D 

Multiple terrorist attacks on 14th November killed over 150 people in which country ?
A. England
B. Pakistan
C. France
D. Belgium
Answer: C 


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