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Factories Act, 1948 Amendment

Factories Act, 1948 Amendment in July 2014: The Minister of State for Mines, Steel and Labour & Employment Shri Vishnu Deo Sai has said that as per the National Sample Survey Organization data, total number of workforce in the country in 2009-10 was 46.5 crore. Out of this about 2.8 crore (6%) were in the organized sector and the balance 43.7 crore (94%) was in the organized sector.  Most of the labour laws are applicable to the organized sector only which comprises about 6% of the total workforce. Shri Vishnu Deo Sai said, the Government has prepared a comprehensive proposal to amend the Factories Act, 1948 in order to   bring in labour reforms. The major amendments proposed include:
. Relaxation of restrictions on night work for women in factories subject to certain conditions
. Increase in limit of overtime to 100 hours (existing 50 hours) in a quarter
. Introduction of a new Sub section regarding compounding of offences
. Provisions of Personal Protective Equipment for safety of Workers/ More precautions against fumes and gases
. Empowerment of Central Government to make Rules (presently only State Governments make Rules).


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