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9th August 2016 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

9th August 2016 Current Affairs MCQs, Quiz, Questions : Current Affairs for August 2016 ,  Daily Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for In...

1, 2 March 2019 GK, Current Affairs Quiz, Questions

1, 2 March 2019 Current Affairs MCQs, Quiz, Questions: Current Affairs for March 2019Daily Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for India GK, World GK and current affairs with Collection of daily objective type Question by www.Indiagk.net based on General Knowledge (GK) and General Science (GS) Questions for UPSC, State PSC, SSC, Police exam, Railway exam, SBI, Bank PO, IBPC, SSC, LDC, UDC, Army, Airforce, Navy, Coast Guard, Bank Clerk, TET and all entrance examination with current affairs News, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) available on Website www.IndiaGK.net and Android Apps with daily updates:.  

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Current Affairs Questions on 1, 2 March 2019 :
Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is group of how many countries?
A. 15
B. 57
C. 33
D. 53
Answer: B
Explanation: Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj on 1st March 2019 said the fight against terrorism is not and cannot be a confrontation against any religion. Speaking at the inaugural plenary of the two-day foreign ministers’ meet of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Abu Dhabi, she said, “Just as Islam literally means peace, none of the 99 names of Allah mean violence. Similarly, every religion in the world stands for peace, compassion and brotherhood.” This is the first time India has been invited to a meeting of the OIC, an influential grouping of 57 Islamic countries, as a guest of honour.

India to grow at ---- in 2019, 2020 as per Moody?
A. 7.3%
B. 8.2%
B. 7.8%
D. 8.5%
Answer: A
Explanation: The US-based rating agency said that the country is less exposed to a slowdown in global manufacturing trade growth than other major Asian economies and emerging markets and is poised to grow at a relatively stable pace in the two years. "We expect India's economy to grow around 7.3 per cent in both years (2019, 2020)," Moody's said in its quarterly Global Macro Outlook for 2019 and 2020. Moody's growth estimates in based on calendar year. India, however, measures its economic growth on the basis of fiscal year (April-March). In 2018-19 fiscal, ending March 2019, Indian economy is estimated to have grown 7 per cent, lower than 7.2 per cent in 2017-18. Moody's said the announcement in Interim Budget 2019-20 on direct cash transfer programme for farmers and the middle-class tax relief measures will contribute a fiscal stimulus of about 0.45 per cent of GDP.

ISRO would be launching which satellite for DRDO in March 2019?
C. Emisat
Answer: C
Explanation: The Indian Space Research Organisation would be launching an electronic intelligence satellite Emisat for Defence Research and Development Organisation in March 2019. In the special mission, ISRO would also be launching 28 third party satellites and demonstrate its new technologies.

Who on 1st March 2019 joined the Fifteenth Finance Commission as its Member?
A. Nitesh Sharma
B. Ajay Narayan Jha
C. Rajat Mohite
D. Ajay Mishra
Answer: B
Explanation: Ajay Narayan Jha on 1st March 2019 joined the Fifteenth Finance Commission as its Member. He joins in place of Shri Shaktikanta Das who had resigned as a Member of the Commission after being appointed as Governor, Reserve Bank of India. Prior to joining the Commission, Shri Jha, a 1982 batch IAS officer of Manipur cadre, was the Finance Secretary to the Government of India. Earlier he had also served as Secretary to the Fourteenth Finance Commission which was headed by former RBI Governor, Shri Y.V. Reddy. The Fifteenth Finance Commission was constituted by a Presidential Order in November, 2017 under the Chairmanship of Shri N. K. Singh to decide the formula for devolution of revenue between Centre and States, for a period of 5 years – April, 2020 to March, 2025......Check More at INDIA GK" App: tinyurl.com/IndiaGK


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