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How Sardar Sarovar Dam is second largest dam in world?

How Sardar Sarovar Dam is second largest dam in world? 
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 17th September inaugurated and dedicated the Sardar Sarovar Dam project on the Narmada river to the nation, during his visit to Gujarat. The project is expected to benefit the people of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra through irrigation facilities and increased electricity generation.  It is claimed to be second largest dam in the world.
  • Now comes the Question How Sardar Sarovar Dam is second largest dam in the world?
Let's take a look at Top 3 Dams by Height, Length, Volume, Capacity, Power Generation and other figures in world.
  • World Largest Dam by Structure Height(Meter)
    1. Nurek Dam, Tajikistan = 300 M
    2. Oroville Dam, United States = 230 M
    3. San Roque Dam, Philippines = 210M
    4. Kölnbrein Dam, Austria = 200 M
    5. W. A. C. Bennett Dam, Canada = 186 M
    • Sardar Sarovar Dam, India = 138 M
  • World Largest Dam by Structure volume [106 m3]
    1. Tarbela Dam,  Pakistan = 153
    2. Fort Peck Dam, United States = 96
    3. Atatürk Dam, Turkey = 84.5
    4. Houtribdijk, Netherlands = 78
    5. Oahe Dam, United States = 70.3
  • World Largest Dam by Reservoir volume [10*9 m3]
    1. Aswan Dam, Egypt = 169
    2. Guri Dam, Venezuela = 135
    3. Samara Dam, Russia = 57.3
    4. Atatürk Dam, Turkey = 48.7
    5. Three Gorges Dam, China = 39.3
These are 3 Main figure to decide the Largest Dam in world, while  Sardar Sarovar Dam in not among top 5 or even top 10 list. We have search most of authentic websites like PIB, DD News, Wikipedia and other authentic websites. We found on just one News topic on ZeeNews owned website without much data on it as "The Sardar Sarovar Dam is the second largest in terms of the volume of concrete used in building the dam". 
All readers are requested to share authentic source How Sardar Sarovar Dam is second largest dam in world, as this questions looks important for upcoming competitive examination?


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