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Google Launches Messaging App Allo

Allo is Google’s new messaging app to compete WhatsApp. Google on 21st Sept 2016 emerged in the mobile messaging market with new AI powered messaging app called Allo. App’s reliance on predictive software created a warning that it could open up user data to law enforcement. Allo’s key differentiator from most other messaging apps is that it’s backed by artificial intelligence. This enables it to offer features that are largely dependent on context and usage history. One such feature is Smart Reply, which suggests relevant responses that you can choose from to respond quickly to messages, like a simple “yes” in answer to “Are you on your way?”. App adjusts to user’s style as an emoji or written response and has tools for customising chat messages including changing emoji size and sticker choice. Alongside the end-to-end-encrypted Incognito Mode, the Allo team talked about bold new message retention practices, storing messages only transiently rather than indefinitely. Users can also avoid the logging by using Allo’s Incognito Mode, which is still fully end-to-end encrypted and unchanged from the initial announcement.


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