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Android 8.0 Version name is Oreo

Android new Version name after Nougat is Oreo.  Google has released the latest version of its Android 8.0 mobile operating system (OS), which is named after Oreo chocolate biscuits on 21st August 2017. It adds a new "picture-in-picture" mode that lets some apps run in a small corner of the screen. Google's own Nexus and Pixel phones are expected to be the first to receive the software update. New versions of Android can be slow to roll out, and just 14% of Android devices run the previous OS, Nougat.
Android Oreo introduces measures to help people manage the volume of notifications on their devices, which has been described as "notification diarrhoea". App developers will now be able to split notifications into categories, so people can block some types of alert while still receiving others. Thanks to Android 8.0 Oreo, developers will now be confined to using more specific reviewers and the job scheduler. This will effectively ensure that apps wake up in the background more effectively and do their job more efficiently.  Oreo is also going to recognise apps that don't need to be refreshed in the background. For example, if you are using Instagram or Facebook, Oreo will automatically put these apps on idle in order to conserve power. These apps will only wake up occasionally to start certain services. The video below will be able to help you better understand the update, if you need more information.

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