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9th August 2016 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

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India GK Question Paper 210

India General Knowledge Question Paper No. 210 Solved: India General Knowledge (GK) Sample Question Paper with Collection of 10 Question Q.No. 3191 to Q. 3200 of India GK Questions based on CTET Exam Paper 2016You can Download and Check Over 200+ Fully Solved Paper on INDIA GK MOBILE App. India GK Mobile app offers complete question paper with Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for all 100 Questions asked in examination for free download and take a test on Mobile app. India GK website and Mobile app offers Current affairs News, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) available on Website www.IndiaGK.net and Android Apps with daily updates.
India GK Question Paper NO. 210: 
Middle childhood is the period from ?
A. 10 years onwards
B. Birth to 2 years
C. 2 years to 6 years
D. 6 years to 11 years
Answer: D

------- is a process through which a human infant begins to acquire the necessary skills to perform as a functioning member of the society ?
A. Development
B. Socialization
C. Learning
D. Maturation
Answer: B

What is the Nomenclature change suggested by the National Curriculum Framework (NCF), 2005 for civics ?
A. Geography
B. History
C. Social and Political Life
D. Economics
Answer: C

In which one of the following languages, mathematician and astronomer, Aryabhata wrote his book Aryabhatiyam ?
A. Prakrit
B. Hindi
C. Pali
D. Sanskrit
Answer: D

Which one of the following stupa is marked as the place where the Buddha preached his first message ?
A. Bodh Gaya
B. Sarnath
C. Sanchi
D. Thotlakonda
Answer: B

The Rampurwa a polished stone sculpture, now placed in Rashtrapati Bhawan was build during the reign of which one of the following ?
A. Pandyas
B. Mauryas
C. Cholas
D. Kushanas
Answer: B

Which were the three dynasties referred to as 'Muvendar' in Sangam Poems ?
A. Cheras, Palas, Rashtrakulas
B. Cholas, Rashtrakulas, Pandyas
C. Palas, Cholas, Pandyas
D. Cholas, Cheras, Pandyas
Answer: D

Who among the following propounded the doctrine of 'Vishishtadvaita'?
A. Allama Prabhu
B. Shankara
C. Ramanuja
D. Basavanna
Answer:  C

Who among the following sailors sailed westwards across the Atlantic ocean to find a sea route to India?
A. Xuan Zang
B. Vasco Da Gama
C. Christopher Columbus
D. Fa Xian
Answer: C

The Revolt of Songram Sangma in 1906 took place because ?
A. The peasants in champaran revolted against the indigo planters
B. The Muslim traders in bengal rose against the unequal terms of trade by the british
C. The patidar peasants of Gujarat rebelled against the high land revenue demand of the British
D. The tribal groups in Assam reacted against the colonial forest law
Answer: D


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