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Ujjawala Scheme

Ujjawala Scheme Ujjawala - A Comprehensive Scheme for Prevention of Trafficking and Rescue, Rehabilitation and Re-Integration of Victims of Trafficking for Commercial Sexual Exploitation.
Scheme Type - Central Government
- To prevent trafficking of women and children for commercial sexual exploitation through social mobilization and involvement of local communties, awareness generation programmes, generate public discourse through workshops/ seminars and such events and any other innovative activity.
- To facilitate rescue of victims from the place of their exploitation and place them in safe custody
- To provide rehabilitation services both immediate and long-term to the victims by providing basic amenities / needs such as shelter,  food, clothing, medical treatment including counselling, legal aid and guidance and vocational training
- To facilitate reintegration of the victims in to the family and society at large
- To facilitate repatriation of cross-border victims to their country of origin.
Women and children who are vulnerable to trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation. Women and children who are victims of trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation.


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