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9th August 2016 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

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Combined Defence Services (CDS) Exam Question Paper 2013 Solved

UPSC Combined Defence Services (CDS) Examination question paper 2013 Solved: Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) held Combined Defence Services exam 2013 held on 17th February 2013 at various examination centers across india. UPSC Combined Defence Services (II) Exam, 2013 containts three papers: 
Paper 1: English
Paper 2: General Knowledge
Paper 3: Elementary Mathematics
UPSC Combined Defence Services exam 2013 General Knowledge (GK) paper contains total 120 Questions based on Current Affairs, Computer GK, General science and India, world General Knowledge. Here is  Combined Defence Services (CDS) Exam Paper 2013 Solved Paper for free download with General Knowledge Questions for your practice as part of OLD EXAM PAPERS. More papers are available in test format with FREE access to all exam papers such as UPSC Papers, SSC Papers, IBPS Papers,  BANK PO Papers, BANK Clerk Papers, Railways Papers, State PSC Papers, PSU Exam Papers, Police Exam Papers, Teachers Exam Papers category in our free app "INDIA GK".   Check out Papers in PDF or take a test at our FREE Android App "INDIA GK"Download Link: http://tinyurl.com/men8tdf 
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UPSC Combined Defence Services (CDS) Exam Question Paper 2013 Solved:

Q.1 Which one among the following has been included as a parameter for the first time under the National Ambient Air Quality Standards, based on central pollution control Board and IIT, Kanpur research, WHO guidelines and European Union limits and practices?

A. Sulphur dioxide
B. Oxides of nitrogen
C. Ozone
D. Carbon monoxide
Answer: C

Q.2 Fourth BRICS Summit, held in New Delhi in March 2012, deliberated on the challenges faced by India for sustainable growth. Which one among the following is not a part of the formulated challenges?
A. Improvements required in Public sector management
B. Inclusive growth
C. Improvements required in physical infrastructure
D. Development in the agriculture sector
Answer: D

Q.3 ONGC Videsh (the state-owned oil and gas company of India) recently (September 2012) signed a definitive agreement with-
A. Russia
B. Azerbaijan
C. Iran
D. South Sudan
Answer: B

Q.4 Which one among the following regarding G-20 is not correct?
A. A group of developed countries
B. An integral part of the United Nations
C. Outside the World Bank and IMF
D. An offshoot of G-7
Answer: A

Q.5 Which one among the following countries initiated the process of Fourth Wave of Democratic Transition?
A. Libya
B. Afghanistan
C. Tunisia
D. Morocco
Answer: C

Q.6 Some atheists, skeptics and non-believers called to celebrate ‘December 25’ as Newtonmas Day instead of observing Christmas Day. The reason they propose that-
A. both Isaac Newton and Jesus Christ were great
B. Isaac Newton was born on 25th December
C. ‘Skeptic Society’ was founded on 25th December
D. Isaac Newton was a deep believer of Christianity
Answer: B

Q.7 European Union’s Annual Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought for 2012 has been won by-
A. Guillermo Farinas from Cuba
B. Nasrin Sotoudeh and Jafar Panahi from Iran
C. Ali Farzat from Syria and Mohamed Bouazizi from Tunisia
D. Asmaa Mahfouz and Ahmed al-Senussi from Egypt and Libya respectively
Answer: B

Q.8 The Rohingya are the minorities of-
A. South Africa
B. Canada
C. Myanmar
D. Bhutan
Answer: C


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