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India GK Question Paper 7

India GK Question Sample Paper 7: India General Knowledge (GK) Sample Question Paper No. 7 with Collection of India GK Questions under GK Quiz in PDF @  India GK Sample Papers.

India GK Sample Question Paper No.7
Q. 141. Azad Hind Fauj was founded in 1943 in ?
A. Mandalay
B. Singapore
C. Midnapore
D. Kuala Lumpur
Ans: B

Q. 142. In collaboration with Dravid hare and Alexander Duff, who of the following established Hindu College at Calcutta?
A. Henry Louis Vivian Derozio
B. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
C. Keshab Chandra Sen
D. Raja Rammohan Roy
Ans: D

Q. 143. Who of the following Prime Ministers sent Cripps Mission to India?
A. James Ramsay MacDonald
B. Stanley Baldwin
C. Neville Chamberlain
D. Winston Churchill
Ans: D

Q. 144. With whose permission did the English set up their first factory in Surat?
A. Akbar
B. Jahangir
C. Shahjahan
D. Aurangzeb
Ans: B

Q. 145. The language of discourses of Gautama Buddha was ?
A. Bhojpuri   
B. Magadhi
C. Pali   
D. Sanskrit
Ans: C

Q. 146. The title given by the British Government to Mahatma Gandhi which he surrendered during the non-cooperation movement was ?
A. Hind Keasri
B. Kaiser-e-Hind
C. Rai Bahadur
D. Rt. Honorable
Ans: B

Q. 147. Under whose leadership was the all India Muslim League set up?
A. Mohammed Ali Jinnah
B. Sayyid Ahmed Khan
C. Aga Khan
D. All of the above
Ans: C

Q. 148. Ashoka's Dhamma represented ?
A. Principles of Buddhism
B. Principles of Brahmanism
C. Principle of all Religion
D. A New religions
Ans: A

Q. 149. HUMAYUNAMA was written by ?
A. Humayun
B. Mirza Kamran
C. Bairam Khan
D. Gulbadan Begum
Ans: D

Q. 150. "Kheda Satyagraha" was basically initiated by ?
A. Mahatma Gandhi
B. Mohanlal Pandya
C. Vallabhbhai Patel
D. Vinoba Bhave
Ans: B

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