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Rajasthan Fisheries Development Officer Paper 2016

Rajasthan Fisheries Development Officer Paper 2016 Solved: RPSC, Ajmer conducted Rajasthan Fisheries Development Officer Paper on  19 March 2016. You can Free Download, Share and Read 300+ Solved Old exam papers at INDIA GK Mobile App with FREE Access to all Exam Papers, GK, Science Notes, GK Test Papers and Daily Current Affairs. You can download full Exam question paper for Rajasthan Fisheries Development Officer Paper 2016 which can help you get idea about upcoming examinations and similar examinations in State, PSU and central level examinations. 
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Rajasthan Fisheries Development Officer Paper 2016: 
Q1: For induced breeding in carps this is not used
A. Ovaprim
B. Ovatide
C. Wova-FH
D. Methyltestosterone
Answer: D

Q2: In fish body the share of minerals is
A. 1-2%
B. 3-4%
C. 4-5
D. 5-6%
Answer: A

Q3: The amount of protein in live body weight of fish is
A. 10–13%
B. 15–20%
C. 18–23%
D. 5–12%
Answer: B

Q4: During mating process in carps when male chase behind the female, this type of chasing is called
A. Thypogyne
B. Lingyne
C. Lataerogyne
D. Subgyne
Answer: D

Q5: In Heteropneutis fossils the total number of barbels occurring are
A. 2
B. 4
C. 6
D. 8
Answer: D

Q6: Out of following the Indian trout is
A. Barilius bola
B. Salmo trutta fario
C. Salmo gairdneri
D. Denio devario
Answer: A

Q7: The maxillary barbels in this fish are equal to rostral barbels in length
A. Labeo dero
B. Tor putitora
C. Tor tor
D. Tor khudree
Answer: D

Q8: The hormone administered in fish diet for promoting maleness in grass carp is
A. Thyroxine
B. Oestrogen
C. Methyltestosterone
Answer: C

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