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9th August 2016 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

9th August 2016 Current Affairs MCQs, Quiz, Questions : Current Affairs for August 2016 ,  Daily Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for In...

India GK Question Paper 217

India General Knowledge Question Paper No. 217: India General Knowledge (GK) Sample Question Paper with Collection of 10 Question based on Bihar SSC Jr. Engineer Water Resource Exam Paper 2012You can Download and Check Over 220+ Fully Solved Paper on INDIA GK MOBILE App. India GK Mobile app offers complete question paper with Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for all 100 Questions asked in examination for free download and take a test on Mobile app.  India GK  Mobile app offers Current affairs News, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) available on Website www.IndiaGK.net and Android Apps with daily updates.
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India GK Question Paper NO. 217: 
Who was crowned" miss India world 2012 " 
A. Vanya Mishra
B. Prachi Mishra
C. Rochelle Maria Rao
D. Ipsita pati
Answer A. Vanya Mishra

Mary kom who won bronze medal uhwh London olympics 2012 belongs to which of the following sports
A. Wrestling
B. Weight- lifting
C. Gymnastic 
D. Boxing
Answer D. Boxing

Where was ' BRICS Summit 2012 ' held ? [ BRICS is the association of leading emerging economics ]
A. Bangalore
B. New Delhi
C. Kolkata
D. Mumbai
Answer B. New Delhi

Who is the cricketing world is also called the wall 
A. Rahul Dravid
B. Sachin Tendulkar
C. M.S. Dhoni
D. Share Warne
Answer A. Rahul Dravid

Who won the dadasahebphalke award 2011
A. Shyambenegal
B. Girishkamad
C. Soumitra Chatterjee 
D. Dev Anand
Answer C. Soumitra Chatterjee

Who is the chairman of unique identification authority of India ( UIDAI ) 
A. Sam pitroda
B. Nandannilekani
C. Montek Singh ahluwalia
D. Azimpremji
Answer B. Nandan nilekani

Who was ousted while serving as the fourth president of Egypt. ( 1981-2011 )
A. Hosni Mubarak
B. Muammer gaddafi
C. Jose Manuel
D. Saddam Hussein
Answer A. Hosni Mubarak

The real name of Anna Hazare is
A. Kisanbaburao Hazare
B. Harikishan Hazare
C. Bhushan Hazare
D. Shashikanth Hazare
Answer A. Kisanbaburao Hazare

Solar system consists of sun and how many planets
A. 9
B. 8
C. 7
D. 6
Answer B. 8

The yoga guru who recently went on fast demanding black money to be brought back to India is
A. Baba ramdev
B. Baba syamdev
C. Baba jnan dev 
D. Baba Rama dev

Answer A. Baba ramdev


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