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India GK Question Paper 86

India GK Question Sample Paper 86: India General Knowledge (GK) Sample Question Paper No. 86 with Collection of 15 Question of India GK Questions under GK Quiz in PDF @  India GK Sample Papers. India General Knowledge (GK) and General Science (GS) Questions are also available with Quiz on daily basis withsome India GK Quiz articles on India GK Facebook page: www.facebook.com/IndiaGK.net 

India GK Question Sample Paper 86:
Q.1466 Consider the following two statements:
I. Passing Lhamu Sherpa was the first Nepalese woman to conquer Mt. Everest.
II. Dicky Dolma was the youngest woman climber of Mt. Everest.
Of these statements,
A. I is true but II is false.
B. I is false but II is true.
C. both I and II are true.
(2) both I and II are false.
Ans. B.

Q.1467 The longest optical fiber cable of the world is laid between
A. London and New York
B. Paris and Tokyo
C. Singapore and Marseilles
D. Manila and Toronto
Ans. C.

Q.1468 The largest automobile manufacturing centre in the world is located at
A. Detroit
B. Tokyo
C. Birmingham
D. Berlin
Ans. A.

Q.1469. What is the common name of Deuterium Oxide?
A. Water
B. Ozone
C. Heavy water
D. Rust
Ans: C

Q.1470 In which State of India Nathula Pass is located?
A. Sikkim
B. Uttarakhand
C. Uttar Pradesh
D. Himachal Pradesh
Ans: A

Q.1471 How many diagonals can be drawn in a Pantagon?
A. 7
B. 5
C. 8
D. 10
Ans: B

Q.1472 Which of the following is not a fruit?
A. Torato
B. Cucumber
C. Pumpkin
D. Potato
Ans: D

Q.1473 Haemoglobin contains?
A. Copper
B. Silver
C. Gold
D. Iron
Ans: D

Q.1474 Which blood group is considered as universal donor?
A. B
B. O
C. A
Ans: B

Q.1475 Ascorbic acid is?
A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin D
C. Vitamin C
D. Biotin
Ans: C

Q.1476 Which compound is used as a refrigerant?
A. CF2Cl2
B. CCl4
C. CF4
Ans: A

Q.1477 Sound waves do not travel in?
A. Hydrogen
B. Vacuum
C. Iron
D. Water
Ans: B

Q.1478 If a doctor gives you 5 pills and told you to take them after every five hours. How long would you take to finish them?
A. 25 hours
B. 20 hours
C. 30 hours
D. 40 hours
Ans: B

Q.1479 The line spectrum observed in the visible region of hydrogen atom is named as?
A. Balmer
B. Lyman
C. Paschan
D. Pfund
Ans: A

Q.1480 Diabetic patients are deficient in the production of?
A. Glycine
B. Haemoglobin
C. Histamine
D. Insulin
Ans: D
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