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India GK Question Paper 13

India GK Question Sample Paper 13: India General Knowledge (GK) Sample Question Paper No. 13 with Collection of India GK Questions under GK Quiz in PDF @  India GK Sample Papers.

India GK Sample Question Paper No.13

Q.201. Forward Block Party was formed by ?
A. CR Das
B. MN Roy
C. Rasbihari Bose
D. Subhash chandra bose
Ans: D

Q.202. The Indian freedom fighter Ashfaqulla Khan and ramprasad Bismil were hanged due to their involvement in which one of the following ?
A. Chittagon armoury raid
B. Kanpur Conspiracy case
C. Meeru Conspiracy case
D. Kakori Conspiracy case
Ans: D

Q.203 ----- is the extension for Microsoft Excel Spread Sheet ?
Ans: A

Q.204 Which of the following is not a programming language?
A. Cobol
B. C++
C. Fortran
D. Windows
Ans. D

Q.205. The famous 3rd June Plan is also known as ?
A. Cabinet mission plan
B. Rajagopalachari Formula
C. Mountbatten Plan
D. Wavell Plan
Ans: C

Q.206. Which one of following event occur first ?
A. Swadeshi Movement
B. Shifting of capital to Delhi
C. Lucknow pack
D. Khilafat movement
Ans: A

Q.207. Who resigned as Defense minister in wake of India-China war in 1962 ?
A. Badev singh
B. Swaran singh
C. VK Krishna Menon
D. YB Chawan
Ans: C

Q.208 What does “DOS” stand for?
A. Disk operating sequence 
B. Disk operating system 
C. Don’t operate system 
D. Disk operating solution
Ans: B

Q.209. Who is author of play NIL DARPAN ?
A. Aurobindo Ghosh
B. BC Hattopadhyay
C. DB Mitra
C. RN Tagore
Ans: C
Q.210. Atala Mosque is associated with ?
A. Sultans of delhi
B. Mughal
C. Sharqi rular
D. Rohilla Rural
Ans: C

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